Saturday, November 22, 2008

It Happened in Salem

On the anniversary
of a sad event,
the assassination
on Dealey Plaza
in Dallas TX
of President Kennedy...

Twenty-three years later,
right here in Salem,
on Center St.,
in this very building,
on a cold,
November day,
a very happy event
quicker than expected,
MUCH quicker,

22 years ago...

Our precious son was born! He had his Mom's (formerly) copper-colored hair (and probably had a thing or two to do with it turning gray!). But we love you son!!

The building is the former maternity annex of Salem General Hospital located on east Center St. It was closed 6 months later and birthing was moved to more modern facilities in the hospital's new addition on Winter St. It underwent remodeling and is now part of the rehabilitation center.


Karen said...

What a lovely post.. so sweet.

Boise Diva said...

Happy Mom Birthday!

The Mulligan Family said...

I love your posting. Happy Birthday to your son. Cheers!

Hilda said...

Aww, that's just so sweet! Happy birthday to your son!

But what an event to share the day with :(

JM said...

Lovely post! Happy birthday to your son! :-)

sonia a. mascaro said...

Lovely! Happy Birthday to your son!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to your son! What a lovely post! I understand about that gray hair thing...

Thank you, Jill, so much for following my blog! I am so flattered!

angela said...

Such a sweet photo...does he still have copper coloured hair?

jill said...

Thanks all. We had fun celebrating his and mine today!

Angela -- it's darker now, but has a little copper cast.

istanbuldailyphoto said...

Photo Album is wonderful. You God protect you. Greetings.