Sunday, October 5, 2008

Walk of Flags

Dedicated in 2005, the circular Walk of Flags (funded through private donations) on the west of the state capitol, consists of a flag for each of the 50 states.

By each flagpole is a small copper plaque set in marble recognizing the sponsor.

Because the plaques are made of copper, a number of them have 'disappeared'-thirteen in one night. Metal theft is rampant here. Is metal theft a problem where you live?


Hilda said...

I like the sentiment behind the walk of flags and I love the park! I noticed that all of the trees in the first picture are different! Sorry to hear about the plaques, though. Yes, metal theft is also very common here.

Petrea said...

A very interesting post. Copper theft is especially common here. I understand some electrical wires are copper, and a few deaths by accidental electrocution have been associated with the robberies. It must be worth a lot of money.

The Mulligan Family said...

Hi Jill - Beautiful photo. I love the circle of flags. In answer to your question on my blog... I get my Garam Masala from the different Indian Grocers in the area. I think the last time I got it from one down in Corvallis. But, we have a grocer on Lancaster - I believe near Market or Sunnyview. (I get all of our "Sunny" streets mixed up. the one north of Lancaster) You might even try calling A-Dong market out on Silverton Rd. Good Luck. It's a yummy dish.

Chuckeroon said...

Oh, Jill. How cld I ever translate to a foreigner a celtic insult hurled at an Anglo-Norman Sassenach?

Tks for dropping in on RuT. I'm glad you are enjoying the fun!

Beverley said...

What a lovely idea this is to have a 'Walk of Flags' and it has made for a super photo Jill.

And yes I'm afraid it's the same the world over metal fetches a high price and believe or not but they've even stole lead from the roofs of churches...where will it all end I wonder!!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea and a nice park. Loved it to walk by.