Monday, September 1, 2008

Theme Day - Sister City

Gimhae, Korea is one of two sister cities to Salem. Gimhae is located at the southeastern tip of Korean peninsula. It borders Gangseo-gu, and Changwon on the southwest, and the Nakdonggang River divides Gimhae and Milyang on the north. As I haven't attended any city council meetings, I do not know just what having a sister city entails. The only reference I could find concerned the minutes from the April 2007 meeting:

Support for the Sister City programs will continue; approved the
transfer of $3,200 from General Fund contingencies for the Mayor and
one Council Member to travel to Gimhae, South Korea; and join Sister
Cities International in the next fiscal year at a cost of $877.

From photos on the Gimhae website, it looks like a beautiful city with similar weather and seasons to our area. I hope to learn more about Gimhae and it's relation to Salem.


melanie said...

Quelle belle photo ! Quelle belle cité !Merci

Salem Man said...

Nice park! Traffic doesn't look too bad either.