Thursday, September 25, 2008

Governor Tom McCall

The statue of Former Gov. Tom McCall was hoisted into place today along the Willamette River in Riverfront Park. The sculptor Rip Caswell fashioned the bronze statue after a photograph taken by John Daniel Callaghan of the former Governor wading from the North Umpqua River with his flyrod in one hand and holding a very nice steelhead in the other.

Gov. McCall served 2 terms (1967-75) and, says son Tad McCall, "his administration was neither "red" nor "blue." He is remembered among other achievements for the 'Beach Bill' which granted the state government the power to zone Oregon's beaches, thus protecting them from private development, and the 'Bottle Bill' which was the nation's first mandatory bottle-deposit law, designed to decrease litter in Oregon.

The dedication is planned for Friday September 26 at 10:30 am. Gov. Ted Kulongoski and former Gov. John Kitzhaber will be at the ceremony.


Hilda said...

I was wondering about those blue 'suspenders.' :D

Just for those two bills alone, I agree that he is worthy of having a memorial. He must have been a great environmentalist (or whatever they were called back then).

USelaine said...

He sounds like a great guy. I must confess, when I glanced at the thumbnail on the CDPB portal, I thought, "Oh no! A lynching in Oregon?!"

Isadora said...

It is a lovely statue - looks like a parachute landing :)

Thank you for your visits to my blog and have a great week-end. :)

Jan said...

Tom McCall was a great govenor, he truly loved Oregon and wanted to protect its beauty.

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