Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gatke Hall

Gatke Hall is on the northeast corner of the Willamette University campus. It was built west of Willson park as Salem's first post office building in 1903 and in 1938 was moved on rollers down State Street to its current location. Sources say it took six months.
Wikipedia has a wonderful photo of the west side of the building which I couldn't get because of the construction project going on next door which was surrounded by a chain-link fence.
We don't have many buildings like this one. I love the sandstone exterior.


Hilda said...

I cannot even begin to imagine how it was moved, and that's after following your link!

I love everything about the building! The sandstone (I have to remember that), the lavender door, the sculpted details, the lamps, everything! Thanks, Jill.

Beverley said...

What an impressive building this is, beautiful stone work and those wonderful lamps. I bet they don't build new Post Office buildings as great as this these days...Nice to have the links Jill as they made for interesting reading..