Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oregon State Fair #3

Thomas Southern, the chef of Northwest Heritage Pork serves up some delicious pork, slow-cooked over an open fire all afternoon each day at the Fair. People start lining up at 5:30 for a free sample of this carnivores' delight. The booth is across from the poultry building, where they serve pulled pork, spicy sausage, and hot dogs all made from their own recipes. Their pigs, 200-300 per week, are raised on their farm in nearby Dayton. Thomas explained that the animals are raised "free-range", and no antibiotics, growth promotants or nitrates are used. Their meat products are sold only at farmers markets -- Wednesday Market in downtown Salem, Thursday Market in McMinnville, and Saturday Market at Portland State University.


Tash said...

That's an interesting sight. I do like slow-cooked pork; I'd be there early too (maybe not 5:30 though). I bet you'll get lots of "interesting" comments on this post too.
On the Tacoma Narrows bridge, I snapped that one thru the windshield while on the freeway (my husband was driving) on Tacoma side. The fwy peaks just as that scene comes into view.

Jan said...

Yummo, my mouth is watering:)

Lynette said...

Love the State Fair series!

Yes, Jill, I do work all week long, but with these super days here in Portland, so comfortable after work, sun shining, and a TriMet ride home nearby, I often take walks around downtown, camera at the ready. It's purely paradise.

Petrea said...

Quite a shot. Just a little bit icky. Funny how we carnivores love our meat, but don't want to think about where it comes from. The state fair is where we get to meet up with it.