Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nets for Laos

Michu Uaiyue's native Akha dress made her stand out in downtown Salem. Michu is from Laos and was promoting awareness of the rampant malaria in her home country and how providing insecticide-treated netting helps save lives. She, along with Matthew McDaniel, hope to raise enough funds to purchase 10,000 such nets to distribute. According to their literature, cerebral malaria in northern Laos is "pf" malaria, which attacks the brain. Childhood mortality is close to 50% in northern Laos for children under 5. Studies have shown the effectiveness of the nets in decreasing the number of deaths.


Anonymous said...

I saw a similar promition for the netting on television on a commercial last night. I think it is a worthy cause. And I hasten to add that the photograph you took of the young lady is very good.

Steve Buser said...

I saw the same (probably) commercial as Abraham. Strange to see it here too -- maybe the world IS getting smaller.

The photograph is a first class attention grabber.

USelaine said...

It is a lovely photo. That headdress must be heavy! A great promotion, and great commentary.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

that is beautiful!!!

kcblog said...

Hey Jill nice shooting!! I have been checking out the photos almost daily and sometimes coming back more just to see the older photos. The Green heron photo on my site is fixed now. It will come up larger when clicked.
Thanks for letting me know something was wrong.
kc daily photo blog

buhtafly said...

Very beautiful!

Hilda said...

Oh wow, that's just awful. I wish them much luck with their fundraising.

On a more trivial note, I love her headdress!