Monday, August 4, 2008

First Garden Harvest

Unfortunately it wasn't harvested by me. This is the downside of having deer visiting your property. In spite of netting, barricades and obstacles, she managed to desecrate our little garden in one night raid. She not only ate the leaves, but all the little baby zucchini! And look what she did to our tomato plants. Omnivores that we are, my husband is ready to start hunting season a little early...(not really!)


Anonymous said...

Your poor garden looks like mine. Have you heard of liquid fence? I have found it works wonders keeping the deer away from my yard. Just spray it around the perimeter of your garden. It smells bad to humans only while you are spraying it on. I have yet to find something for the groundhogs who have eaten my petunias, tomatoes and hollyhocks.

Jim said...

I hear deer sausage is really good.

USelaine said...

Sorry to see you won't be enjoying vast quantities of zucchini right away. I'll suggest the deer solution to neighbors who grow too many. Looks like your plant will survive though.

The Mulligan Family said...

Oh Jill! I'm so sorry that the dear deer got to your yard. They raided us shortly after we moved to Salem... got all of my beautiful new rose buds, and bulbs. I was SO angry. I,like your husband, threatened to go "a huntin"! Take care, Cindy

Boise Diva said...

Your plants look so good, too - I guess that was part of the lure. She's a tricky one. I hope the plants survive to bring you a bounty in a few weeks.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

you have deer, we have rabbits :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rabbits and deer look forward to vegetable and flower gardens.

So much of what they had to eat is buried under vast stretches of asphalt and concrete and where they raised their young is now where the church parking lot is.

I don't mind rabbits eating here and they do. I no longer have deer but they did visit here many years ago. In fact my daughter brought a baby rabbit here and dumped him off. LOL.

It breaks my heart to see animals starving to death and they do starve to death when their food is gone or no longer comes up.

I would gladly pay for your garden if I could do that and make you feel better about losing it. Maybe it will come back and be more than you can possibly eat.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good Morning Jill:)
What a pleasant surprise to find you had come to see me.:) I had you on my mind yesterday.Was gonna email you but got side tracked.Which seems to be happening more and more as I get older.LOL I have soo many projects going and sooo many more I want to get going.hehe My arm is doing a little better today.I had to rest it some and the heating pad and spa help too.:)
I am sooo sorry about your garden.Jim and I tried to grow one when we lived in Florida.The rabbits..squirrels etc..ate most of it almost before it popped out of the ground.:) It was a lot of work tilling the ground and planting the seeds..watering etc..just to see it gone with nothing to show for all of that work.:( I know how you feel.
Hope you are doing well.!