Thursday, May 29, 2008

On the run

Salmon Run
This sculpture graces the entrance to the Salmon Run condomiums on High Street. The building is adjacent to Pringle Creek which is a spawning ground for the Chinook Salmon. As many as 1000 adult Chinook make their way here each fall where each female will deposit an average of 5000 eggs. The eggs hatch in 2-4 months and in the spring the young make their way down to the Willamette, then the Columbia River, then to the Pacific Ocean. They are known to migrate as far north as the Bearing Sea.


Celine said...

Cool sculpture. Salmon are such an integral part of the northwest... it might seem odd to those outside of Oregon to see a fish on a building like this, but it seems perfectly fitting to me.

By the way, your Blogger profile still doesn't work. I'd love for folks to be able to follow it to your blog when you comment on mine, so get with it, eh? ;)

Salem Oregon Daily Photo said...

Celine, thanks for the reminder. I finally did the profile.