Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Theme Day

City Daily Photo theme for May is 'Numbers'. There are 181 members posting today from cities around the world -- see them HERE. I was going to post a photo of a local gasoline pump, but it is too depressing.

This is the main post office on 25th St. SE and the zip code for a large area of town.


Olivier said...

perspective originale pour ta photo du thème

original perspective for your photo Theme

USelaine said...

I wish our post office looked this colorful. That's a perfect image to include in a CDP blog.

Sally said...

Postcodes! How we rely on them.

See who lives at my house!
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Jilly said...

Such a good photograph. I didn't know postcodes were displayed like this. Just assumed they were a thing for letters. I'm learning today.

Greg said...

Great idea for the theme day. I was having trouble of thinking of my own photos contribution. Turns out there are so many different ideas on the DP

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