Sunday, June 1, 2008

CDP Theme Day -- Local Shop

This is my favorite 'corner' store. Run by the Zielinski family, the store offers Oregon-grown fruit, vegetables, nuts, berries and vegetables in season, and regional gourmet items. They are open year-round and always have the freshest vegetables available.

ezorchardsStarting late May and continuing throughout the growing season, the Shortcake and Espresso Stand opens with strawberry shortcakes and Tillamook ice cream. Marionberries, raspberries, blueberries and peaches are added as they come in season.

And they make fresh donuts throughout the day. I especially like the strawberry flavored and in the fall, cider!

E.Z. Orchards


Anonymous said...

That must be the place to go when you need some apples or some pears or some peaches. Nice photographs.

Salem Man said...

I've heard they have great donuts.

Pam Hawk said...

I just discovered your site and love it. Did you know the prices at EZ Orchards are usually less than the big supermarkets? I finally figured that out and go to EZ first.

Ohhhh, and their lovely gift shop... *sigh* sometimes I buy gifts for myself...